Winter Services

Get your Kemptville area drive snow plowed before you wake up. When you are hit with winter’s snowy weather, depend on Adorn Landscaping to keep your property clear of snow and ice.

Keep your home or business access accessible and safe with reliable and fair Kemptville snow plowing services.

Predictions this winter are for unrelenting cold and snow. With lows easily falling in the -20s, and the wind piling the snow into two and three foot banks, who wants to shovel or push a snow blower across a driveway or parking lot? Contact Adorn Landscaping for Kemptville snow removal, and we'll go out in the cold and clear that snow, so that you don't have to!

When it's cold and miserable outside, and Mother Nature has dropped a foot of snow on your home or business, who feels like heading out into the storm to clear away? Stores, offices, and other commercial properties typically have large areas to maintain. This can be an difficult task to tackle alone, before everyone starts arriving.

Whether it's shoveling, clearing sidewalks, snow plowing, de-icing, or simply controlling the ice to keep your family and customers from falling, Adorn Landscaping Snow Removal Services has you covered.

Our snow plows and knowledgeable staff will have that white stuff cleared and out of your way, leaving you to the more important and enjoyable things like running your business and staying warm!

Snow and Ice Removal

Holiday Lighting

At Adorn Landscaping, we believe in quality

All of our experience is based in the area, where our understanding of the soils and climate brings firsthand knowledge to our industry experience. We are dedicated to serving your needs with the goal of 100% satisfaction.

We have built more than 25,000 square feet of retaining walls, built and laid more than 15,000 square feet of paving stone. This gives us the experience you are looking for to get the job done efficiently and properly.

You will be able to enjoy your hardscaping for many years to come.