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Serving Eastern Ontario

Adorn Landscaping is a full service landscape company that specializes in everything from walkways to water features.

Our leading expertise, hard work, and uncompromising quality, allows us to provide anyone and everyone with a personalized service tailored to all your outdoor needs and dreams.

Do You Have A Landscaping Dream For Your Yard?

We are an Ontario landscaping company with ideas and pictures of interlock in Kemptville and area.

Adorn knows how to landscape your property.

Adorn Landscaping is a full service landscaping and snow-removal company that services the North Grenville and surrounding communities on a year-round basis.

We enjoy maintaining a strong working relationship with all our clients.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • spring clean-up
  • complete landscape
  • renovations and repairs
  • eco-friendly landscape lighting (LED)
  • interlock stone (patios, driveways, pathways and pools)
  • natural water features
  • garden installations
  • wood working (decks, fences, 3-season rooms)
  • sod and seed lawn care
  • fall leaf clean up
  • snow plowing and snow removal


Contact us and we’ll show you how Adorn Landscaping can make your outdoor living space beautiful.

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At Adorn Landscaping, we believe in quality

All of our experience is based in the area, where our understanding of the soils and climate brings firsthand knowledge to our industry experience.

We are dedicated to serving your needs with the goal of 100% satisfaction.

We have built more than 25,000 square feet of retaining walls, built and laid more than 15,000 square feet of paving stone.

This gives us the experience you are looking for to get the job done efficiently and properly.

You will be able to enjoy your hardscaping for many years to come.

What is Hardscaping?

Hardscape, in the practice of landscaping, refers to the paved areas like streets and sidewalks, large business complexes and housing developments, and other industrial areas where the upper soil profile is no longer exposed to the actual surface of the Earth. The term is especially used in heavily urbanized or suburban areas with little bare soil.

Hardscape features

Typical small-scale hardscaping examples include brick patios and sidewalks. Retaining walls are often used to create boundaries between hardscapes and earth landscaping features, or softscapes. From an urban planning perspective, hardscapes can include very large features, such as paved roads. Most artificial water features are technically hardscapes because they require a barrier to retain the water, instead of letting it drain into the surrounding soil.

From an aesthetic perspective, hardscaping allows workers to erect landscaping features that would otherwise be impossible due to soil erosion, or that compensate for large amounts of human traffic that would cause wear on bare earth or grass. For example, sheer vertical features are possible.